We have been given eyes to see and ears to listen.

we have been given tongues…to speak for the innocent…and the guilty,

to praise, encourage and support,

to proclaim in season and out, the news that is good news.

We have been given hands to reach out and strengthen the fearful,

to protect the weak and lift up the fallen,

to embrace the dying,

to share the burdens and wipe away tears…

to build up, not to tear down,

to fan the embers not to quench the smouldering wick,

to bless, not to strike,

to give not to withhold.

We have been given minds to judge…ourselves, not others,

situations, not motives;

to seek solutions, not excuses, justice, not expediency;

to discern the essential from the merely desirable,

the good from the less good and the less good from the bad…

We have been given hearts to feel,

to interpret the hidden meanings beneath the words spoken,

to open doors closed by depsair,

to discover the best in others and set it free,

to understand and to forgive…or to simply fortgve…

to comfort the sorrowful, to love and thereby heal the scars.

We have been given all these things so that people around us

may neither doubt nor forget God’s prescence among them;

that in our touch, our words, our actions,

God may touch and speak and act and others, in turn,

may sense the presence of God when we pass by,

and seeing us know with little effort

that they can catch a glimpse of God.


Source unknown.
Please let me know if you can identify the source.