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God of all time,

who makes all things new,

we bring before you the year now ending.

For life full and good,

for opportunities recognized and taken,

for love known and shared,

we thank you.


Where we have fallen short,

forgive us.

When we worry over what is past,

free us.


As we begin again

and take our first steps into the future,

where nothing is safe and certain

except you,

we ask for the courage of the wise men

who simply went and followed a star.

We ask for their wisdom,

in choosing to pursue the deepest truth,

not knowing where they would be led.

In the year to come, God of all time,

be our help and company.

Hold our hands as we journey onwards

and may your dream of shalom

where all will be at peace,

be our guiding star.

Francis Brienen, published in The SPCK Book of Christian Prayer 1995


Image Credit: Flickr, CC License