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Here is a prayer I love. I should pray it more often. It is appropriate to pray at any stage of life, in any circumstances. I do not know the author. If you do, please tell me. I wrote about how I first came across it in a post called Prayer on my Seeker blog.

Free me

from all fear of the future,

from all anxiety about tomorrow,

from all bitterness towards anyone,

from all cowardice in the face of danger,

from all laziness in the face of work,

from all weakness when your power is at hand.

Fill me

with love that knows no barrier,

with sympathy that reaches to all,

with courage that cannot be shaken,

with faith strong enough for the darkness,

with strength sufficient for my tasks,

with loyalty to your kingdom’s goals,

with wisdom to meet life’s complexities,

with power to lift my eyes up to You!

Image Credit: CCO Public Domain