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How does one birth peace. . .

in a world that seems to prefer the profits of war?

How can one birth hope. . .

in a time when devastation is born of poverty and pandemic?

How does one birth love. . .

in a world whose heart is captive to fear?

How can one birth joy. . .

How can one birth joy?

The plastic manger scene on the front lawn

just doesn’t do it!

Birthing is so much more!

It is, and requires. . .

radical intimacy,

prolonged patience,

the coming together of pain and ecstasy,

the joining of our deepest hopes and fears.

Face it,

birthing is a messy business.

And yet this process occurs every moment of our lives:

as our bodies birth cell upon cell,

as our minds birth ideas and dreams into the world,

as our spirits birth. . .

in the midst of labor and pain. . .

as our spirits birth.. JOY!

By Mark Unbehagen